Saturday, 16 January 2010

The English Riviera!

Whilst in Blighty for the festive season, we went to visit one of my brother in laws and his wife and their 3 children. They run a hotel right on the seafront of one of the sunniest places in Britain ‘ so it is reported'. Eastbourne! I love it there but put me by the sea, in the sea, on the sand or pebbles and I am a very contented Guernsey girl. It was great to catch up with them on their 2 days off between Christmas coaches ( crimbo packages start in October!) and see the refurbishments they have made since our last visit. Me and himself spent 2 months there pre opening helping them bring the hotel back to life after they bought it in 2005 and it was an interesting time indeed. I won’t go into how our car at the time‘Kevin the Peugeot 205’ got crushed by the local council and we made the local rag in a write up because of said disaster, illegally done I may add. The crushing not the article!

We went to a traditional English pub decorated to the max with festive attire to which many folks come every year just to see what works of art have been created for the customers. We stayed in Room 1 which has since be revamped and much improved since our working and rest time there. This hotel is not all pretentious and arty farty and does not come at fancy pancy prices for a designer breakfast sausage and organic toms . It is a traditional and friendly hotel in a fabulous location. The service and standards would take some beating . I love staying there and it was utter bliss having a cuppa in hotel boudoir whilst watching t.v and partaking of a proper bathroom ensuite. If only we had more time and could have stayed another night.

Anyway if you find yourself in Eastbourne, look them up. The welcome is warm and fun and views fantastic. It is a short walk into Eastbourne centre. Have some fish and chips, a 99 on the pier and relax at the MARINE PARADE HOTEL with Jerome and Carol - hosts fantastique!
I hope to be back there verrrry soon!


Samantha@ Living In The Sun said...

It's been a long time since I was in Eastbourne, I remember the nice beaches, and the stroll we used to take along the beach front. I live in portugal now, but if im ever back there I will visit the MARINE PARADE HOTEL, and Fish and Chips on the promenade, what a nice thought.
Best regards Sam

Pepe Le Pew said...

That's now on the list of places to see before I die.

Michelle James said...

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