Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What weather!

Rain wind, rain, wind rain. That about sums up the weather at the moment here in Brittany. I got off lightly when I moved here last year. Everyone telling me the weather would be wet and the wellies hardly got much of an outing but this year is different. I am very bored of it and hibernation is the key. The animals are sensible. Or if I was a cat I could cuddle up on the sofa like these two of my 3 contented moggies! That is after they have done the morning hunt routine and brought in a mouse or shrew and munched and crunched through it. Yuk!


Anonymous said...

Ah well......no worse there than most places at present. Its been pretty rubbish down here as well.
Happy hibernating!

Blu said...

Hey the mud is like chocolate sauce here, I just wish it tasted the same. Hybernation may be the answer!